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By: Joseph P. DiMino, who retains all rights.10/20/2001


Unified Theory: All the major forces from gravity to magnetism, from weak to strong force are explained in such a way as to show they are really extensions of the same phenomenon. In addition this paper explains thoroughly why distant galaxies are speeding up and where matter ends up once it has entered a black hole. It describes fully the processes involved in the creation of a black hole, and also the ultimate fate of a black hole as it dissolves back into the fabric of space and time. Here is also a new understanding of space and time, which redefines Einstein's Theory showing that time does not change, but in fact, distance is flexible and relative to the speed of an object. (Note: This entire paper is theory. Though believing in essence to be on the right path toward a broader and deeper understanding of our universe, I realize the need for further probing and proof worthy enough to be classified as true science.)


Our universe is finite. While being finite, having definite limits or borders, it nevertheless does have a certain amount of flexibility. This allows it to stretch, accommodating wave motion (flexing), caused by vibrating (energized) particles. I have just used the term particles when referring to matter, because we are accustomed to thinking of creation as being made up of tiny elements, when combined forming larger bodies. Now I am going on to suggest that this is not quite correct, and our universe is an inseparable whole, a continuum, looked at from different points of view. We never observe the many aspects of our universe at one time, but see bits and pieces. We see a percentage of the vast whole, because our observation at any given time is always limited. We are privileged to see small quantities which we perceive as particles--and have felt correct in coming to, at least, this seemingly obvious conclusion. But particles are really collisions of vibration, crests of waves in a vast sea of space and time. Due to our limited perspective, we use terms such as, empty space, distance between, when making observations. In truth, space and time are part of a great sea, an inseparable whole, continuity, that is alive with wave motion (motion being the signature of energy); and the building blocks of our universe are points (crests) of collisions---motion (vibration perceived as particles) slowed enough to be observed and manipulated relative to our knowledge. To thoroughly digest this concept, we need first to start with a simpler proposition, and then use the conclusions derived to lead us to more compound understandings: and at last we will come to a comprehensive theory which binds the universe in an orderly and meaningful way, leaving no other accepted laws in conflict.

We will start with a new definition of gravity--which will logically lead us to grasp more complex phenomenon: such as, why are distant galaxies speeding up and not slowing down? Which on the surface seems to contradict Newton's law governing acceleration, and the long held belief that 'for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.' Newton's propositions and other propositions which we will revisit (crucial foundations for our physics), I assure you, will stand after our deeper probing: But they will go on with new insight--making them no longer constants. Every trusted law should be restated, their usefulness entirely relative to dimension or the environments associated with each pertinent observation. The habit of assuming based on past experience, tried and true as the history would indicate, greatly hinders our progress.

So what is gravity? It is the product of a finite space, pushing back on a vibrating object, somewhere in a great sea of continuity. Simply explained: If one were to drop an object into a tub full of water, the first occurrence is the displacement of water. This manifests as waves, driven from the point of entry, out toward the walls of the tub, finite in dimension (having a limited capacity for water and motion). What happens next? When waves reach the sides of the tub (assuming there isn't enough force to push them up and over the top), unable to travel any further, after rising up a measure (in direct relation to the fallen objects potential energy and motion), the water then comes crashing down, sending waves back toward the object, the cause of the disturbance in the first place. This is what gravity is: it is a finite space pushing back on energized objects (disturbances) in its vast continuity (body) we know as space and time. The universe, unable to stretch beyond its flexible capacity, has no other choice than to push (snap) back on any energized object in its midst: an act of self-defense, in order to retain it's integrity, restricted by the finite nature of its size. Of course, simple as it sounds, when explained in this manner, this explanation also opens up questions of enormous spectrum. For instance: if gravity is the product of wave motion, pushing back on a vibrating object to protect itself from bursting (stretching beyond finite boundaries), then it would also indicate, that this wave motion would need be acute as a physical sense (for sensing what is happening in the greater body); and the ability to respond would have to be almost instantaneous. In other words, gravity waves, instead of being enormously long and slow moving, would have be infinitely fast and immeasurably short. They would move far beyond the speed of light, so fast that they would keep in touch every aspect of the universe at all times. Again, we are back to the idea, that time and space, and the abundance of material we believe to be made up of yet smaller particles, are really a continuity or inseparable whole. Truly, time and space, constituted of particles, is an illusion of perspective or consciousness, and our living experience is more precisely one of dimensions and not spatial borders. Continuing this line of reasoning, if indeed gravity is the product of a finite space pushing back on vibrating particles (crests of vibrations) in its midst, what then causes the motion in the first place, both that of the gravity waves and the concentration or collision of wave motion we call particles? What determines their configuration or sense of purpose? There can be but one answer, a dimension of mind or intelligence must also exist as a scientific reality, which, not only can be accessed, but manipulated in accordance with our will, for our purposeful benefit. We will discuss this in depth later in our final chapter, but for now, let's look at some of the practical applications derived from our new theory of gravity. It would be reasonable to speculate, that if objects are not held together by an attractive quality, or smaller objects slipping into the well of larger objects, caused by the larger object's greater weight indenting the fabric of space and time...then, one must conclude that particles (vibrations), or clusters of particles, are being pushed together, and owe their integrity to gravity waves, inseparable themselves from the great sea of self (space and time) that gives all reality buoyancy, so to speak, or a medium to exist in. To be sure, if gravity pushes form together, then it must also cause friction (impediment), as restricting force opposed to movement. This understanding can greatly help our quest for space travel, the development of vehicles that would need to travel at great speeds in order to be practical means for exploration. Let's explore this:

The Relationship Between Specific Speed And Form

The notion that if an object escapes the atmosphere and gravity of a planet, and if far enough away, so as to be relatively free from friction, it would never slow down or change physically is false. There is a definite relationship between speed and form. Whether light travels forward at 186,000 per second, or stands still, it remains light because of its signature vibration. Slow its vibration, and you wouldn't have light anymore. The same principal applies to all other phenomena we call matter. Each form has a specific vibration. It is the elemental in its purest sense, having a vibration too condensed to be measured by any instrument; however, this need not stop us from being able to recognize and utilize such knowledge to our benefit. Knowing, without observing other than by effect, is enough in this case. Getting back to light--it is an important key and tool for our basic understanding and subsequent manipulation of all other phenomenon. While light remains light, regardless of what speed it is traveling at, all other matter when pushed toward the speed of light will change form. This is a direct result of increased velocity, caused by friction with the fabric of space and time. Why light is not effected by velocity has to do with its intrinsic vibration, which while not divorced from the ripples of gravity waves, it is not obstructed, and continues to move at a constant in a vacuum. Unlike light, other matter not only increases in mass as it approaches the speed of light, but changes its nature or properties into something entirely different. The theory that time slows down as it approaches the speed of light is incorrect. Actually, distance is elastic, and can increase and decrease: The accumulation of gravity waves resulting in friction increases the path the object must travel (sort of the same effect as changing a smooth surface to ruffles), and form has also changed as a result of the same friction...so it is an entirely different object than that which began the journey to start. And here is the valuable lesson to be learned in all this: There is a very good possibility that if an object is surrounded by electromagnetic waves producing light, the light may act as a lubricant, thus shielding, to a degree, the object from friction with the fabric of space and time, allowing for an increase in velocity without increasing thrust. This is why distant galaxies are speeding up and not slowing down. The velocity of an object can be dramatically increased without increasing thrust simply by lowering resistance. This is what light does. It acts as a magnetic lubricant and allows an object encircled by it to borrow of its special relationship with space and time which enables it to travel at a constant. To give the concept a visual image--it works this way: Most of us at one time or another have driven on a dirt road that has been smoothed with a tractor leaving indentations (waves) known as corduroy. If you go slow with your auto over the road, the bumps aren't too annoying. When you pick up a little speed you can get bounced around to the degree where most drivers will slow down again because of the discomfort. But people accustomed to off road driving know that, if you speed up even more at this point, the ride begins to get smooth again because you are skimming over the surface, just touching the tops of the waves and not falling into the troughs. It works the same way with space and time. At first a vehicle's journey is lengthened because it rides down and out of the troughs (friction); then it reaches a speed (continued acceleration) where it just touches the crests of the waves, the valley's or troughs becoming dimensional wells (heightened vibration due to condensed waves) where time no longer exists. Now the reverse has occurred, instead of distance increasing it has been shortened, so speed has increased without increasing acceleration. This is why light can move as a constant. Light waves compliment the waves of space and time (dark matter) to the point of liberation and not interference or restriction.

Dark Matter And Black Holes

Nothing is missing from our universe. If you want to see dark matter, simply turn out the light. If you want to break it up or take a piece for analysis, you can't. As discussed in previous chapters, space and time is a great sea of continuous matter. Separation, or the notion that we travel across an expanse to reach something or to get to another place, is untrue. It is a misnomer caused by our limited point of view, the skewed window we look through when seeing ourselves and our surroundings. The opposite is true, we are never out of contact with the fabric of space and time--it is the the very substance we are created from--while at the same time the great sea we swim through or the medium that gives us a place to exist in. We are not particles, but part of an enormous consistency, where variety, or differences, are the result of wave movement, with specific form or particles being the collisions or crests of waves which are the signatures of energy but not energy itself. As you have noticed, I use the phrase "Signature of Energy" and make a point not to simply say "Energy" and be done with it. This is why? We never really see or touch energy...we only know it by its effect on the fabric of space and time, and when we experience energy or work with it, or manipulate it, or suck it up or spew it out, we are still only experiencing its effect and not the cause or thing in itself. A good representation would be: spread a piece of tin foil out and then begin to rub a spot on the bottom...at some point a spot directly above the manipulation or irritation will begin to warm, and then glow with the transferred effect of energy. And that's my issue: If not for the body of foil we would not experience the energy (nevertheless, it would still exist)...and the instrument creating the irritation, along with the thing moving the instrument, lie outside our three dimensional experience. They exist in a different dimension, where vibration and speed exceed the speed of light. In fact, they are dimensions of instantaneous awareness and reaction. This is best represented when we talk about quantum size things, in particular, virtual particles, things popping in and out of reality or seen in multiple places at the same time. We are really seeing distant parts of the same object, witnessed simultaneously from our limited perspective. The rest is hidden by a dimensional barrier (higher vibration), limiting our scope of experience. Again, all manifestation is the product of wave motion. They are the crests of waves observed at points of collisions...while the troughs lie in other dimensions. All observable objects are in fact localized vibration (motion), and vibration (speed) is what determines specific form or nature. Change the vibration of an object, and you have changed what it is. On top of that, change its forward or backward momentum, to the speed of light or beyond and you have not only compounded that change but passed through a dimensional door, and dramatically altered our experience of space and time. Once you pass the speed of light you have breached the gap between dimensions, passing beyond space and time to a realm where one gets to a particular place or experience, not by covering an expanse or distance, but by facing a particular direction. Worm holes are really dimensional doors...and while in essence I agree that one can pass into one of these and come out or arrive at an entirely different part of the universe (or in a different universe, for that matter), however, I must make the distinction--there is no spinning around or going through a tunnel so to speak. It is more the experience of pointing or changing ones direction or angle of observation...and the pointing doesn't take time. beyond the speed of light we enter places of instant awareness...being constantly in touch with all aspects of the whole requiring only intention or focus (direction or angle of observation) to move about. How does one reach the speed of light without becoming light, and then faster without dramatic physical change? One way we have already discussed: surround a vehicle with a magnetic field producing various frequencies of light, and you will successfully lubricate the path, allowing the vehicle to move more freely through the fabric of space and time greatly reducing physical change which is a product of friction; and another possible way is at the center of a black hole, where vibration is also dramatically changed. Once more, there are no particles, there are only points or crests of vibration being perceived as particles. Space and time, if one wants to define them correctly, are a huge particle--inseparable, indivisible...therefore, nothing is destroyed or lost in a black hole, because whatever entered was there in the first place (it is all the same object, just different points of observation)--even different dimensions do not separate the whole from its parts--they just obscure from each other certain aspects of their totality, an illusion of separation--but whatever was in the black hole to begin with, will remain long after the black has dissipated. Black holes, like everything else, are conventions of vibration, and no matter how things appear--it is just that--appearance, or point of view--directly determined by our perspective. The indivisible universe, dark matter, is a continuous particle (continuity), the very fabric our universe, inseparable and containing all things. It can not be changed or lost--because if it was, there would be no place for it to go...and nothing else for it to become. It is entirely self contained, leaving nothing short on possibilities--complete with all archetypes for creation, right from the onset. It can not be separated because there is nothing beyond it...and no need for separation because the dimensions of experience inherent within it are unlimited. What exactly is a black hole, and how does it form and where does it go? As already expressed, I believe particles do not exist. What exists is accumulated vibration, in a continuity we call space and time. But nothing is actually separated from anything else. We simply experience different aspects of the same continuity though at different times; and what we experience as space and time, is more an experience of dimensions rather than definite objects or distances. Once again, gravity is not caused by any attractive quality but by a finite space pushing back on energized particles (accumulated vibration). The larger the concentration of vibration (matter), the more it is impacted by gravity. Every large galaxy has at least one black hole at its center. To create a black hole you need an enormous amount of matter (concentrated vibration); and large galaxies are ripe with the right ingredient. As large amounts of matter (accumulated vibration) come together, the impacting increases. The more matter, the greater the impacting force, and the more dense the mass becomes...and if enough matter is available the process continues until a black hole forms. Now this is what happens at the very center of the black hole: At the very center, the forces are so great, at some point in the process all vibration stops. Impacting ceases, because time and space no longer exists between vibrations. This is what has happened, the process that originally allowed objects to vibrate and manifest individuality has been reversed, rendering the dimensional doorway only an exit. With the signature of energy (Vibration) unable to manifest as form, space and time becomes simply inert dark matter, void of any motion. As the process continues, the black hole continues to grow in size, however the benign core is also expanding. This process continues until the main concentration of gravity (collision of vibration or wave crests) (brief note: not all collisions or crests become visible particles--some collisions result in hyper vibration and become troughs in other dimensions) is no longer coming from its physical center but is coming from its gradually expanding shell of matter. As the evolution continues, energy (vibration) starts escaping back into the surrounding galaxy which is the first sign that the process has begun to reverse itself due to the expanding benign center. There can be but one scenario: At some point the galaxy runs out of galactic matter, not all, but the necessary amounts needed to support the phenomenon we call a black hole; and what is left are scattered fragments of star material. These may, or may not, be pushed together to form a smaller galaxy which could conceivable consist of only several stars, or perhaps survive simply as star material or space dust. I suspect that beyond the quasars the universe is littered with this stuff. While we are at the edge of the universe, here is a good way to measure it's relative size: Remember, there is a definite relationship between, gravity, speed and specific form. First take a respectable sample of the visible galaxies; then determine the size of each, also analyze and make note of the types of material they consist of: Once you know the size and substance of a galaxy, determine how long it would take for it to develop a black hole, and then be digested back into space and time (remembering to factor speed of the galaxy and specific form into the equation). Multiply time by the galaxies present speed and you will find that all galaxies have traveled about the same distance--and that is roughly the size or limits of our visible universe. No galaxy will run out of space and time to exist in until there is nothing left of it needing a medium to do all that galaxies do.

Multidimensional And Perceptive

In conclusion, just a little more on multidimensional reality, perspective, and limited point of view. If we are indeed dimensional beings, and space and time an aspect of one of those dimensions but by no means even a small measure of what we are...then our imaginations are free to go anywhere, no longer encumbered by our present physics and the things we wrongly call, universal constants. In the world of dimensions, many things outside our three dimensional experience can exist as a living reality, even things often thought as more metaphysical than hyper physical: mind, will, emotions, imagination--dreams as Poe said, "Is all we see and seem but a dream within a dream"--but dream as a living reality, as material substance and not simply a reaction to rich food or romantic contrivance. I believe this mystical world to be living dimensions that we can and will access as freely as we open our front doors to friends. Contemplate the wondrous possibilities, that every decision we could have made in life and didn't is probably a living reality in another universe existing side by side with our own, or if distant, not inaccessible. Life could be, indeed, stranger and more spectacular than any fiction.


One final word on our universe--the fact that it is a huge particle (a singularity), and not made up of countless small particles: I believe mathematics is a lot closer to being a constant than any other concept. Negative numbers only exist in abstract. You can't really have minus something. Granted, you can place a "0" somewhere, and then go passed it, and call that direction minus--but you have just done that, and only that--gone passed it, without ever really getting to it. In reality, if one object was coming toward another object, it could never reach it. There would always be a fraction of distance between them. These fractions would become, trillionths of trillionths, and then trillionths of trillionths of trillionths into infinity, but mathematically those objects could and should not ever reach each other. Yet, we do seem to have collisions or interactions. Or do we? I believe in math--and we don't. There is another reason why objects can seem to touch and yet they don't. it's because they were in contact to begin with. Again, we are talking about vibration and not particles. We are talking about space and time being a vast sea of continuity, and what we perceive as particles are really crests of waves. As these vibrations approach, they spin around one and other at the crests (never actually touching at a point), giving the appearance of particles or points, but more it is an illusion of time and space, and better defined as the manifestation of different dimensions of the same object at near points of collision. This is why the string theory is gaining such popularity, because at the points of these crests indeed there is a circular motion, a spinning--turning of direction, that would coincide with strings and why this concept would appeal to scientists. But even string (better defined as whirlpools of dimensions) theory falls short of the purer understanding, that all is vibration...in a vast sea of continuity. And the vibrations are only perceived by effect, for they lie outside our visible universe in a dimension only entered when passing speeds greater than that of light. Our experience of living is really more one of dimensions rather than space and time. And we perceive these dimensions more by pointing or changing our direction rather than actually going somewhere. Distance and time is an illusion of mind or consciousness. Purge these of doubt, and a whole new world will open to us.


Time and Distance

Einstein explained that objects curve the space around them changing time. He referred to this as Space /Time. His equations in essence have been proven flawless, and for all intent purposes, Space/Time is as good a term as any for most of the phenomenon he set out to explain. However, for further advancements in physics, Space/Time will lead us down a road filled with potholes and misdirection. The explanation has a fatal flaw. Though the math works, it is not time that changes. Time is unchangeable. What really changes is distance.

As explained earlier, gravity is the result of waves moving through the medium of space and time, which is true Dark Matter. I must emphasize, nothing is missing from the universe. Space and time are actual substance, a continuum (an inseparable whole)--and gravity is caused by a finite universe sending waves against vibrating objects (energized disturbances) in order to maintain the integrity of its limited size. Lengthened and compressed Gravity Waves alter distance...which we perceive as altered time. This occurs around objects where gravity waves are in conflict relative to an object's speed and mass. As a matter of fact, Time is only a conveyance of consciousness--it's what we fill in spaces with while journeying or seeking information. Due to a limited perspective, we are only aware of a very small percentage of our surroundings. When we speak of awareness, consciousness or ideas, we are speaking of understanding or knowledge that is instantaneous. Awareness takes no time. I'm certain all of us have heard that dreams last a few seconds (REM), yet we recall when awakened what is apparently hours of information acquired or experienced in that short span. I am also certain, one time or another, each of us has had inspiration or an idea crystallize, coming to us in a magnificent flash. But the information imparted when put into practice or explained with pen, generally leads to an enormously longer definition. Not to leave out the witness when under hypnosis who recalls heaps of information he or she was totally ignorant of possessing. Awareness or consciousness takes no time--we are truly dimensional beings having a three dimensional experience of space and time. Time and space are what we fill in our sleeping moments with. Pure awareness, a dimension of mind, is instantaneous. Thoughts do not take time. This may be a little difficult to accept for those of us brought up on a diet of electrical impulses and brain-wave science; therefore, not to stray too far off topic for the moment, let it suffice to say, a more useful understanding for furthering our physics would be to simply state: time does not change--what changes is distance. Science will only see the effect of Gravity waves but never contain one for analysis. Unless our own sun explodes, the sensitive instruments on the earth will not register wave motion. The best place near earth where the effects of gravity waves can be measured is at the point in space where a rocket escapes the earth's gravitational field--this is also a place of unexplained electrical activity. This distance and activity will vary ever slightly due to events in space. There is no exotic matter or energy causing distant galaxies to accelerate. Large objects do not pull Space around with their motion. As a matter of fact, the dimension of energy, which all matter is animated by, makes it possible for objects to continually recreate themselves as they willfully press on through the fabric of space and time (Dark Matter). Motion, in truth, is not an object (including ourselves) navigating the fabric of space and time, but it is more the evolutionary art of matter duplicating itself, recreating the necessary form needed for a willful manifestation in direct relationship to consciousness.


Dark Matter And Superconductivity

Objects (both micro and macro) (which are clusters of vibration) (the continuous fabric of space and time energized in precise configurations to be perceived as particle form) traveling at the speed of light or greater have a special relationship with Dark Matter (the fabric of space and time). The relationship is very similar to that which we see with electrical current and potentially supper conductive materials when frozen (or hyper heated). Up to the speed of light, objects are subject to the effects of friction caused by gravity waves pushing against vibration (energized space and time manifesting as objects) wherever present in the universe. Just as most motion is stilled in superconductive materials (except for vibration in the most basic atomic configurations), the fabric of space and time, always at absolute zero until animated by energy, is the perfect conductor. Gravity waves move infinitely faster than the speed of light only manifesting a physical effect in the near vicinity of perceived physical bodies. Therefore, we can not detect the results of a steady stream of wave motion throughout the universe, but see more the obvious effects of gravity in the near vicinity of massive bodies. Like virtual particles, the effects of gravity waves burst through dimensional doors, and then and only then is the complete stillness of space and time (Dark Matter) (the definitive of superconductor) realized as the fabric of space and time and in sympathy with perceived mass . Could we reach absolute zero, an interesting event would occur. The object (pattern) being frozen would entirely settle back into the fabric of space and time leaving not a trace. Now I understand that we have gotten very close on the kelvin Scale--but close only works in horseshoes. To reach absolute zero would be as interesting a phenomenon as surpassing the speed of light. Something that would leave science in nothing less than awe, scrambling frantically to develop a foundation of new physics necessary just to lift ourselves from shock, caused by such a contrived event.


The Nature of Matter

Matter in it's simplest form is not soft, hard, dull, shinny. It has no taste, no smell, no texture. In fact, there is nothing that easily differentiates one atom from another. Example: gold, silver, air, water--if not for electrical configuration, the pattern of chargers, which is different for each element or combination, they would be identical. All manner of form, discernible by weight or mass, is the arrangement of basic electrical charges in unique patterns creating distinctly different applications. To the point, everything comes from the same basic thing. Only the configuration, pattern of electrical motion, makes the difference. As explained in previous chapters, separation is an illusion of perspective. Particles really do not exist. What exists is the illusion of points (crests of waves), which are in reality whirlpools of wave motion in a sea of continuity. Our universe is one great particle filled with vibration, perceived as smaller particles at points of near collision (crests). Vibration does not need to actually collide with other vibration in order to interact (a true collision would take separation to begin with, and I have already stated in previous chapters my belief that the universe is a continuity always connected to the greater body of perceived parts. If it wasn't for the illuminating effect of energy on the greater mass at specific places in a variety of configurations, there would be nothing to distinguish one part from another. We need "Stress" manifesting as weight, force, disturbance, to establish a discernible difference. "Stress" is the key element for realization and definition. Take a small ball, attach it to a string, and then twirl it around your head always increasing the speed. The faster the object moves (centrifugal force) around us, the heavier it seems to become. But actually, the object hasn't increased in size and weight, we have just added the stress of motion (increased the objects energy thus adding to its weight and mass) by speeding it up (acceleration). Slow the object down again, or bring it to a halt and the weight would return to normal. This is the critical point--although an object is seemingly at a resting state, there is still motion. The atoms have vibration, and my contention is, that if one were to stop the internal motion of each atom, then the object would disappear entirely from view having nothing left to distinguish its unique properties from the greater mass (the stilling phenomenon at the center of a Black Hole). All is wave motion in a sea of continuity; and the only way we perceive individual form (weight, mass), is by stress, or tension caused within and between varying patterns of motion. There are two opinions we can draw from this inference: First, when we determine how to manipulate electrical patterns on a subatomic level, we will be able to create any element needed from the very fabric of space and time. Second, realizing that stress in a continuity is equal to weight or mass, by searching for stress in the fabric of space and time, we will be able to locate and use a variety of unknowns in predictable ways simply by determining their effect on experience. To perceive stress in the fabric of space and time, we need only look discerningly at distortions in Space/Time most apparent around large celestial bodies. Then we must revisit the past. There are overlooked discoveries just waiting to literally jump out at us. Answers are never hidden from science. In most instances we have continually asked the wrong questions. Not that I detest progress, but in many cases I have found more can be learned by simply going back and rethinking the basics...and after careful thought changing the method of inquiry, asking new questions when at an impasse.

Formation (Magnetism)

The reason why things look the way they do comes from basic vibration: The pattern of vibration and the speed of vibration determine a particle's (Vibration Particle) appearance. As already alluded to in previous chapters, whether light travels forward at the speed of light or stands still, the nature of its intrinsic speed and pattern of vibration, still renders it light. At the core of all physical phenomenon (vibration particle), is a root of vibration far exceeding the speed of light (This is the source of magnetism: a tiny black hole at the core of all particles warping time and space around them). This root is set in a 5th dimension, the dimension of archetypes which is a sea of pure energy. As mentioned in earlier chapters, we never really deal with energy directly; all that we perceive in our four dimensional (space/time) reality is the reflection of energy. We experience the mirror image of energy, manifesting as form within the membrane of Dark Matter (space/time), the great continuity or particle we refer to as our universe. This manifestation is made possible because vibration above and beyond the speed of light gives us access (warps time and space) to the 5th dimension, the dimension of pure energy our source for form manifestation. Speed in excess of light opens a pathway to pure form where spontaneous generation of matter occurs (chaos that demands order due to the finite size of our universe).

Light moving freely through space and time cannot be accelerated. Any attempt at acceleration would only cause interference or heat, light-waves unable to unite in true phase without confinement or compression. Compression of light vibration, however, requires enormous counter force (suppression of centrifugal force, spin manifesting in particle form). Even quantum manipulation of form would require enormous amounts of energy, and would not be cost effective in the long run. More energy would have to be put into the process than could be recovered. One has to keep in mind, the potency of a laser is not the result of true phase but interference (electrons/photons colliding), boosting electrons into higher states of excitation. This builds to an intensely focused beam of precise frequency and wavelength. Chaos leads to orderly release. But chaos, or conflict is the avatar of action and the creator of strictly patterned, subsequent form. The laser beam is the direct result of stress between light waves and the fabric of space/time resulting in friction manifesting in harmony of order. We refer to this intensified action as electron motion being in phase, but the underlying cause is exactly the opposite. The intensified beam is caused by a variety of wavelengths in conflict with space/time. Could we see with our eyes directly into the landscape of a quantum universe, individual subatomic particles (vibration particle) might look like plants. Stems and flowers would clearly be visible in our dimension of space/time, while roots would sink through the highly disturbed soil of space/time (immediate, chaotic surroundings) to the hyper vibrational realm of pure form. As already mentioned, the vehicle to the dimension of pure energy is vibration exceeding the speed of light. We have surmised already that this occurs at the center of black holes, which is one possibility, to research creating smaller, controlled versions (this could be an oxymoron), of black holes which might act as conduits or wells from which energy could be taken at will. (We are already dealing with subatomic black holes and dimensional doors, when referring to virtual particles popping in an out of space/time).The simple answer to get light beyond the speed of light would be to first stop it...then accelerate it causing the light packet (projectile) to accelerate into infinity. Due to the special relationship light has with space and time (it can move friction free as a constant), there is no better way of producing speeds greater than that of light, than by using the superconductivity of light itself? As spoken of in previous chapters, a projectile of dense matter can be accelerated without increasing thrust simply by surrounding the projectile with an intense magnetic field producing light. The light acts as a magnetic lubricant, smoothing the path though the medium of space and time. The method for acceleration can be achieved by one of many possible ways. A pulsed magnetic wave would be ideal. The possibility of creating new form from seemingly an endless supply of potential (space/time) seems reason enough for research, and past research has shown, there generally are at least several alternative ways for achieving a similar result.


(Supplement--5/1/2005). Why does Light Travel at 186,000 miles per second? What is the Special Relationship between Light and the fabric of Space And Time(Dark Matter)?

I've been asked to clarify why light (undisturbed) progresses at a constant, and to clarify how light and Dark Matter (the fabric of space and time) closely relate?

The fabric of space and time(dark matter) has no vibration until it is stimulated by an Energy Event (a willful action). An Energy Event can be the activity of a star or simply the lighting of a match. Light is the only wave/particle that travels at a constant speed through the fabric of space and time. Gravity waves will never be detected. Gravity does not travel through but travels beneath the surface (a higher dimension) in gravitational wells (where vibration pops in and out of the observable universe at speeds infinitely faster than light). When the fabric of space and time is stimulated, it projects waves/particles of light, that progress from the epicenter at a 186,000 miles per second. The greater part of the universe is in a constant state of motion due to the activity of light. Space/Time is alive with motion--but it is wrong to think of this motion as a consequence of gravity waves/gravitons. Gravity is an entirely different process, doing its thing in infinitely compact quarters (quantum levels). (Because of it's dynamic speed--sustained by energy drawn from the immeasurable potential of Dark Matter (in a sense, the body of light)--Light can only be bent by gravity, to be absorbed by mass. Gravity, the greater force, compresses vibration, forming mass (the atom) with a tiny Black Hole at its center. Light can't escape the draw of a Black Hole. On the other hand, a black hole cannot exist were it not for the absorption of radiant energy (light)--ultimately converted back into pure potential (space and time completely void of motion--the center of a black hole).

Some equations:












Below is a diagram which I believe comes a little closer to a true representation of the atom. Of course, when dealing with multi-dimensions (beyond 4 dimensional space/time), without the added input of imagination, we are at a loss. The proportions are overstated for the sake of dramatization, the nucleus being greatly enlarged, but if the reader has followed this paper thus far, he or she should have no problem understanding the diagram (The Nucleus revolves and twists at speeds greater than that of light, while the outer orbits are pulled along at near light speed forming a virtual sphere, our experience of the atom):